At Harod, we combine traditional and legal investigation techniques with proprietary cutting-edge cyber technology. Together with our worldwide networks and extensive background in UK law enforcement, we are well positioned to identify, investigate and resolve your most complex issues.

As a leading global investigation and intelligence company, our approach is unique. We deliver a seamless blend of traditional, proven investigative techniques and industry-leading proprietary cyber technology capabilities.

With longstanding careers in UK law enforcement, our investigators have led on state-level investigations, supported world sporting bodies, and provided trusted counsel to corporations and private clients around the world.

Discretion and client anonymity is key – we conduct all our work in a legal and ethical manner. Generated work can be used as admissible evidence when required, and our investigators can be called to testify in both civil and criminal cases.

About us

Harod is led by founder and Managing Director, Martin Dubbey. Martin worked in UK law enforcement for more than 30 years, with HM Customs and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (now the NCA). Harod retains state-of-the-art proprietary cyber technology which supports our extensive team of leading global investigators.

We are trusted partners to leading corporations, law firms, private individuals and sport federations. Our investigative role into the allegations of State involvement in cheating and corruption during the Sochi Olympics solidified our reputation. All our investigators are backed by world-leading investigative capabilities, forensic cyber techniques, whistleblowing, and human intelligence (HUMINT).

Over recent years, we have also helped identify more than $2billion in hidden assets, both onshore and offshore.

In a separate case, we helped secure the conviction of an individual for causing distress and harassment on the internet, resulting in the imposition of the UK’s longest ever prison sentence for this type of conviction.

How we can help

We have particular specialist skills in the following:

  • Asset Tracing
  • Cyber Investigation and Monitoring
  • Sport Integrity and Governance
  • Financial Crime and AML Services
  • Human Intelligence and Whistleblower Support
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • First Warning Intelligence
  • Reputational Threat Assessment
  • Citizenship and Residency Services
  • High Net Worth and Family Office Support
  • Government Advisory
  • Border and Supply Chain Security

Our proprietary technology

Our unique technology comprises cyber investigation platform SEEKER and social media monitoring platform SENTINEL. Both systems are language agnostic and provide significant insight in a fraction of the time it would take a human. We don’t just rely on technology, however. While it better informs our investigators and decision makers, their experience ensures that automation does not replace instinct. The result is a powerful combination of technology and human insight that is thoughtful, adaptable and responsive to your changing requirements.




SEEKER is our market-leading cyber investigation platform. Any results can be provided as admissible evidence. It is ideally placed to identify backgrounds, networks, commercial interests, assets and exposures of private individuals, corporations and institutions. Our search capability includes more than 50 social media platforms, international company databases, land registries, and cargo data. These provide multiple investigative data points to develop lines of enquiry.

SENTINEL monitors and maps live social media feeds and other digital media inputs. It can be used to reveal, anticipate and analyse real-time reactions to events and to illuminate factors that influence your target audience. It can map out global networks and influencers of a range of different threats and concerns. It automatically identifies key words and atmospherics, highlighting those unique individuals with the ability to influence others, and the concepts they use.



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