About Us - Mission Statement

To provide our clients with insightful and cost effective solutions to their crime and risk issues, through a blend of investigative experience, global connections and the latest cyber and technological capabilities.

To assist you, we can offer years of investigation experience at the very highest level of serious crime, both within government and the corporate sector, to help deal with the very real threats and challenges you face.

Managing Director

Martin Dubbey MSc

Martin spent over 30 years working for UK law enforcement both with HM Customs and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (now NCA). A highlight was to spend 4 years based in Miami as the British Drug Liaison Officer. Over the past few years, Martin has been investigating commercial fraud, due diligence, corruption and asset tracing in the private sector, whilst developing cutting edge cyber technology to assist these investigations. He often advises on pending BREXIT and border issues.

Martin has an MSc in International Criminal Justice and is a member of the FBI Leadership Development Program. He was the Chief Investigator into State corruption at the Sochi Olympic Games, now featured in the Oscar winning movie 'Icarus'.



Colin Kneller MBE - Director Borders and Security

Colin spent 39 years as an operational investigator culminating in him becoming Branch Commander with HM Customs & Excise and SOCA and was awarded the MBE for services to law enforcement. Colin specialises in supply chain security management, border asset tracing and commercial fraud investigations including corruption.


Graham Honey - Director International

Graham spent 38 years with UK law enforcement in a variety of disciplines including indirect tax fraud, excise evasion, money laundering and drug importation. He has a wealth of international experience serving in Miami, Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Graham has worked with Island State Law Enforcement, the Regional Security System and key international partners in the USA (DEA/USCS), France, Canada and the Netherlands. Graham’s key disciplines are due diligence, asset tracing and fraud investigations on behalf of a cross range of companies.


Howard Leather - Director Investigation

Howard previously held the position of Branch Commander (SOCA) in Liverpool where he managed approximately 100+ staff and, as such, was regularly involved in liaising with foreign law enforcement agencies, Interpol and Europol. He has carried out the successful IAAF and Russian doping scandal investigations, as well as unravelling several complex frauds.


Roy Maxim AML Dip - Director Operations

Roy has worked not only within the UK branch banking network, but internal investigations and group audit functions across the bank's global structure. He specialises in conduct and financial crime, specifically in relation to anti money laundering, anti bribery and corruption and sanctions, having held senior positions within Policy and Financial Crime.

Drug War: The Secret History

By Peter Walsh

Drug War: A Secret History

Both Martin and Graham feature in the book “Drug War: The Secret History” by Peter Walsh.

Drug War is a landmark modern history: the first ever full account of the United Kingdom's fight against the illegal importation of drugs. Packed with remarkable revelations and thrilling anecdotes, it tells for the first time the story of the high-level traffickers who drugged Britain, and the secretive organisation that tried to stop them: the Investigation Division of HM Customs and Excise.

The ID's elite officers waged a fifty-year battle to stem the tide of cannabis, cocaine and heroin arriving by land, air and sea, and to track, arrest and prosecute the smuggling gangs, both organised and chaotic, who turned an amateur pastime into a multi-billion-pound trade.

This book is available on Amazon.