Borders and Security

We specialise in all aspects of the international supply chain. Our team of former customs officers can bring a real practical insight into your supply chain and border issues. From the dangers of smuggling of illicit goods to criminal threats directed against your supply chain, we can help in a wide range of areas either as consultants or trainers.

  • import/export procedures
  • economic operator registration and identification
  • logistics provision
  • customs simplifications (warehousing, IPR/OPR)
  • customs guarantees/duty deferment
  • brexit emergency planning
  • authorised economic operators (AEO C and S) - trusted trader
  • border training and mentoring
  • government advisory


Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

We are delighted to introduce SafeguardAEO. This unique software will help complete your AEO application to HMRC.

Complete your AEO status application with greater ease, accuracy and confidence.

AEO status is an internationally recognised quality mark. It assures your customers that your activities throughout the international supply chain are secure. It also confirms that your customs controls and procedures meet EU standards. By awarding AEO status, HMRC is now telling your customers that the safest and most cost-efficient way to move goods across international borders involves using an operator with the AEO quality mark.

Knowing you need AEO status is the easy part. Applying and securing it is more complex.

The AEO application has over 240 questions. Many are technical and detailed and require supporting documentation. If you fail to answer any of these to HMRC's precise requirements your application may be rejected.

SafeguardAEO is simple to use software that helps you complete the entire application process easily and successfully.

SafeguardAEO evaluates and rates your answers so you know whether your application for AEO status is likely to be approved by HMRC before you submit your application.

You will feel like you have an HMRC customs' expert at your side.


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