Due Diligence

Government Advisory

Given the specialist international law enforcement and due diligence skills of Harod Associates, we are able to provide strategic advice, policy support, governance, risk compliance, audit and training services to both government agencies and public entities in many jurisdictions.

We provide up to date expertise and best practice to enable policy makers and practitioners to optimise their capabilities.

For our government clients, we are able to enhance profile and protect reputations via the following tailor made services:

  • international due diligence
  • business partner intelligence
  • AML and money laundering investigations
  • fraud, embezzlement, misconduct
  • anti bribery and corruption research
  • monitoring, enhanced reporting and transparency of third party agents and the supply chain

Family Office Security Services

The number of ultra high net worth (UHNW) clients is growing, as is the number of single and multi family offices to service their needs.

Harod are specialists in private client and family office security services.

Our multi disciplinary law enforcement background distinguishes us from the majority of companies that purport to offer security services to this exclusive and highly mobile international clientele.

We are not just service providers. We have the empathy, local knowledge, discretion, field craft and social skills to mix and blend in with the most demanding of principals and their families.

London, Geneva, Monte Carlo, New York, Caribbean states, Rio de Janiero and Hong Kong are just some of the places our clients frequent.

Our services can include:

  • family security planning
  • residential property and office risk improvement surveys
  • international due diligence, third party risk, AML and cyber
  • cyber investigation and online profiling
  • reputational risk
  • employee due diligence

Residency and Citizenship by Investment (RCBI)

It is well known that we are in the era of global citizens and mobile capital. State borders are increasingly redundant as governments compete for inward investment by selling passports and fiscal residency, particularly in the Caribbean.

Harod Associates have been carefully monitoring developments in the multi-jurisdictional RCBI business and we have decided to make our law enforcement expertise and enhanced due diligence services, plus technology, available to the key stake holders in the industry, namely RCBI agencies and their approved partners.

Our goal is to be a 'trusted partner' by offering value for money, transparent technology/artificial intelligence backed, verifiable due diligence.

We have created a special risk evaluation matrix and an easy to use reporting system to facilitate accurate assessment and decision making.

So often information overload has led to key facts being missed or undervalued. Our proprietary reporting system makes sure that decision makers have the most accurate verifiable information available.

In summary, for RCBI agencies and their authorised partners, Harod Associates can provide:

  • value for money know your client (KYC)
  • verifiable due diligence products presented in a clear, actionable format to facilitate decision making
  • continuous monitoring, updates and red flag alerts
  • on going advice/training on international RCBI industry compliance and transparency matters