Preventing and Reducing the Cost of Internet Fraud

Internet fraud is on the rise, and it is now more sophisticated than ever. These scams, commonly using a technique known as ‘phishing’, are where a fraudster seeks to deceive you into making a bank payment by pretending to be someone in authority, such as your CEO, bank or relative.

When you realise the payment has been made to an account of the fraudster’s choice, the impact can be devastating and humiliating, whilst costing you or your company significant amounts.

At Harod Associates, we have the experience and partners to locate and freeze the funds before they disappear into the depths of the banking system. As an organisation, we firmly share, through our services, CrimeStoppers’ commitment to reducing and detecting crime within our communities.

We have launched a unique emergency response service to counter this threat. Notify us as soon as the fraud has been identified, ideally within 72 hours. We will then help to investigate the fraud and initiate action to track and locate your funds. The final stage is to freeze those funds so a return can be negotiated.

We gather details of the fraud and bring them to evidential standard, and will also work with the Police and private prosecutors.

Investigating, Tracing and Costs

We cannot guarantee success, but our results so far have initiated an almost 100% return. In terms of costs, we charge a £500 retainer, payable immediately, to investigate the fraud and trace the funds. On successful conclusion of the case, we charge an additional 10% of funds recovered. All charges are plus VAT. If no funds are recovered then you only pay the retainer.

Do not let fraud be a devastating financial loss to you or your organisation.


Supporting Crimestoppers